Please Help Fill The Senior Food Pantry

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We are unable to use expired items.

Suggested Items

  • Dinty Moore Stews
  • Hormel Completes or comparable as these serve as a complete meal and are easy to prepare.
  • Canned soups (no broths please)
  • Canned meats - beef, chicken, ham Spam, Treet, Vienna sausages, tuna
  • Canned fruit - peaches, apricots, pears
  • Boxes of instant oatmeal packets
  • Breakfast bars
  • Cereal - Cheerios, shredded wheat, Rice Krispies, corn flakes
  • Peanut butter (smaller jars are better)
  • Jellies & Jams
  • Individual serving packaged nuts
  • Individual serving dried fruit raisins, prunes, apricots, cranberries
  • Individual serving cereal boxes

Cash donations are very helpful allowing us to purchase food in bulk from the Tarrant Area Food Bank. See money donation information...


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