Education - Classes

Education - Classes

PCCOA provides classes and presentations to keep anyone and everyone in Parker County up-to-date, informed and healthier. The classes and presentation cover subjects such as lifestyle, exercise, services, technology, or any area that can assist an individual in living a better, healthier, longer life. Although education at the PCCOA Center focuses on information and issues for 60+, anyone can benefit from what we provide; such as family members, friends, guardians or caregivers.


Computer and cell phone classes are provided on an as-needed basis. We live in a technologically advanced society, and everyone needs to know how to operate these high-tech devices. We want those who benefit from our services to have access to technology instruction and tips to keep them tech-savvy. Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

Line Dancing

Line dancing class takes place Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM. Line dancing is a physical activity that anyone of any age can enjoy. All are welcome to join in on the line dancing fun. Please check the calendar.

Craft Lessons

Various craft lessons take place on an as scheduled basis. Engaging in craft making or any enjoyable past-time is good for the mind, the soul and the hands.

Check the calendar for any scheduled lessons.


Chair yoga classes with Megan Hamilton take place at 10:00 AM on Monday and Friday. This program is extremely popular! Other forms of yoga and exercise are in the planning stages.