Donna Stephens Gives Back

We all have limitations of one kind or another.  For some it’s physical.  For others it’s emotional.  And for others still, it’s intellectual.  Donna Stephens is an inspiration and an example how you can give back, no matter your station in life.

Donna donates handmade Christmas cards every year to the seniors here at PCCOA. Today was the day that she came by with her Christmas cards.  Being in her presence, and photographing Donna with our Activities Director Michelle Hernandez, was an uplifting experience.

You can see by the smile on her face when she brings the cards in, that giving back is a joy. And you can tell by the Christmas decorated wheelchair and festive Christmas attire, that Donna really loves Christmas.

If you’ve often thought that you don’t have enough to give back, think again.  It’s not always about money.  It is often about giving of your time, and talent, and your joy in giving.  Donna’s giving heart and Christmas spirit shines through.  If you want to be like somebody, be like Donna, and give back.

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